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The tune,"Heartless" also demonstrates that the individual singing is loving another individual and a buff. When The Weeknd discovered the words,"I would rather die with a wild west theme", he starts to really consider how he'd like to see his lover's fan to have a wild west theme. He believes that it would be fine if she would get someone to hold the flag. The"hearitess" in the title is supposed to imply that the song is part of a trilogy, Heartless The Weeknd listen spotify with the first song being titled The Weekend. The next tune is titled"Heartless", and it has lyrics very similar to"The Weekend". For this song, The Weeknd add a few more lyrics to make it exceptional. He begins to envision how he can really see her from throughout the desert with a cool breeze blowing. The individual singing's voice tells him that he must have this kind of fantasy, or else he'll never have anything to look forward to. The main reason for the name"Heartless" was that the listener will see the new lyrics when they're listening to the song. The fact that the listener won't have the ability to comprehend what the words mean will lead to them skipping over it and just bypassing the tune. The song"Heartless" depicts a wild west theme, in which a lot of folks who adore the man are singing about the way they will die with a wild west theme. This type of song is a perfect illustration of why The Weeknd excels as a genre. When The Weeknd discovered the words,"I'd rather die with a wild west theme", he began to consider how he can best be together with the lover of his dreams. He started to envision how he can speak with her and show her all of the things he wanted to convey. The tune is in a totally different genre from another tunes The Weeknd has recorded along with his fellow singer Abel Tesfaye. The lyrics and concept of the song"Heartless" is very close to the messageof"Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey)". This song's lyrics also demonstrate as she is showing him, that the person singing does not have any objections to the wild west theme. As soon as the Weeknd discovered that the lyrics,"I would rather die with a wild west theme", he started to visualize his wild west fan onto a desert road with him. The song"Heartless" reveals the person singing is unquestionably loving another individual, but he loves her more because she brings something to his life that he can not do without. This song's lyrics demonstrate that his lover is the main reason for his love for her. The lyrics of this song"Heartless" start off with the lines,"And these are my facts; The colloquialism is those". The first truth is that a year has passed since the Weeknd saw daylight. The next fact is that he had a dream. The next truth is that his heart jumped a beat throughout the dream. The title of the song is taken from the lyrics of the song, since the person singing says,"The weeknd hearitess". The song features the lyric,"Yeah I have money but I'd rather die with a wild west theme", which will be among the wild west topics which The Weeknd has been known open.spotify.com/artist/1Xyo4u8uXC1ZmMpatF05PJ for during his career. The lyrics also say his heart beats faster when he sees himself to be in a showdown a fight with a different guy, with a stranger.